Looking for a unique way to launch a new product? A creative way to engage potential customers? Or a way to differentiate your brand during a marketing activation event in Nigeria? Then Photo Booths may be the new marketing tool you need. Photo booths provide a platform for interactive visual branding, social media marketing and most of all – deep customer engagement.

What Makes Photo Booths an Effective Marketing Tool?

It’s Fun – There is something exhilarating about the PhotoBooth Experience. Your guests have a great time, feel good about the photo booth experience, and consequently build a positive brand association that translates into potential conversion.

Focused & Targeted Marketing – Using the “network effect,” 1 branded photo shared on social media = 1,000 Online impressions by target audience; thus, attracting and building the right customer base.

Differentiate Your Brand – The experience photo booths deliver is novel, cool and highly customizable to meet your brand requirements.

It’s Measurable – Photo Booths stand out from other branding services by providing clients with accurate and comprehensive tracking and reporting capability.

What Type of Corporate Events Need a Photo Booth?

Pretty much all types of corporate events can be enhanced by having a photo booth. Events like..

Product Launch, Trade Fair, Mall Activation Events, Corporate End of Year Parties, Concerts, Brand Activation Campaign, Award Shows, Holiday Party, Offsite Annual Meetings and so much more.

Immerse Your Target Audience in the Brand Experience

Photo Booths can brand the entire experience to be uniquely yours. From Branded Photos to Branded Photo Booth to Branded Backdrop to Branded screens. Your customers and guests will be fully immersed in your brand. See some examples below.

So if you are a marketing consultant in your firm and have an activation event coming soon in Lagos you should explore renting a photo booth. Photo Booths are the ultimate choice for effective campaign activation and brand engagement.

Come check PhotoGenic Photo Booth at Connect Nigeria Business Fair 2014 on October 18th 2014 at Eko Hotel, Lagos

Do you have an upcoming activation campaign or product launch?

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Branded Photo Booth for HP Nigeria

1 of 4 Branded Photo for Corporate Themed Event

2 of 4 Branded Photo for Corporate Themed Event

Branded Backdrop with company logo and theme


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