Green Screen and How You Can Use It For Event Marketing

You’ve seen Titanic, right?

Or any Hollywood movie with some impressive locations and effects.

Most times, those locations, like the deep sea with a giant iceberg like that of Titanic, is just a tank with a green screen at the background.

You see, that’s the beauty of green screens.

They allow you to transport yourself or your subject to practically anywhere you want them to be.

And we have incorporated that creativity and technology in event marketing.

Pretty cool right?

Here’s how

Green Screen Event Marketing

Green Screen For Brand Activations and Marketing

You see, to be effective at event marketing, or any form of brand activation or campaign, you need to totally immerse your audience in an experience.

For example, if you’re running a product activation campaign, and your campaign is about getting your audience to reach for the stars, then you could immerse them in that experience with the decor and ambiance of the galaxy. And take it up a notch with a Green Screen photo experience, that puts your audience in the stars.

If you’re a travel agency, running a campaign for a trip to Dubai or Paris, you want your audience to see themselves in Dubai or Paris.

That’s where Green Screen photo booths come in.

Green Screen Event Marketing

PhotoGenic’s Green Screen Photo Booth For Events

PhotoGenic has been helping brands create immersive experiences for their events with our Green Screen photo booth.

Because we have the best green screen technology in the photo booth industry in Nigeria, we help brands turn their imaginations into reality.

It’s particularly great for product activations, conferences, trade shows and exhibitions.

To learn more about the green screen, click here or reserve our green screen photo booth now.

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