PhotoGenic’s CheckIn: Photo Booth + Event CheckIn 

By February 6, 2018Photo Booth
PhotoGenic CheckIn

How would you like to turn your event checkin process, from a boring drab everyone can’t wait to get over with, to a process everyone is looking forward to, and an opportunity to blaze social media with what’s going on?


Yes, with PhotoGenic’s new CheckIn tech, you can make that happen. –


Here’s how it works


Imagine, a simple photo booth in place of your registration stand at your next event.


The photo booth takes pictures of registrants (fun pictures of course), and their data (name, email, phone number, anything you want), and instantly prints out a name tag with pictures of attendees.


Amazing isn’t it?


Oh, did I also mention that the name tag will be branded and instantly uploads to social media as well? That means you will be increasing social media buzz just by checking people into your event!

Ok, let’s list the other amazing benefits of this new tech called PhotoGenic CheckIn.


1. Its Super Fun: You can kiss those boring registration lines goodbye. And welcome a super fun way of checking in your event guests. Everyone will be excited to CheckIn and give you all the details you need, like name, email, and phone.


2. It’s Super Engaging: Because it’s new and incorporates a photo booth, everyone will remember the experience. And they’ll remember your event as the first place they experienced a digital photo booth CheckIn.


3.  It Increases Your Social Media Reach: Every event aims to trend on Twitter and Facebook. You can start that process right from when people are checking in to your event. Because with every CheckIn, a digital copy goes up to social media with your event hashtag and brand.


4. It’s Real Time: As a business person, you will appreciate the need to get data real time. Every CheckIn is uploaded instantly to the portal, so you can see who’s at your event (with all their details), immediately.


5. It Captures Relevant Data: Whatever information you want to capture, you can get it done with PhotoGenic’s CheckIn. Name, Email, Phone Number, Job Title, Company Name, Birthday, Age, whatever. Pretty awesome right?


So, are you ready to give your event guests the ultimate event CheckIn experience? Click here to book 



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