Can you think of the most memorable wedding you’ve attended?


I bet it was nothing close to traditional.


There must have been something that popped and stuck to your head all this while. Some form of unusual ”alternative” entertainment.


The most memorable wedding for me, had the groom, bride, groomsmen, and bridesmaids do some really nice choreography for us the guests. I bet you’ve seen a few viral videos of this concept on social media. That’s because it’s not a traditional wedding entertainment.


To get your wedding to stand out, and be memorable, here are a few alternative wedding entertainment ideas you can try.


Mirror Booth:

Even though a photo booth is becoming a must-have accessory at weddings, the Mirror photo booth stands out. It’s more than a traditional photo booth, as it has more entertaining features.


Like the screaming contest feature, the animations and the neon signature.


You can learn more about the Mirror here.



Imagine having magicians entertain you, your newlywed partner and your guests at your wedding.


That’s definitely going to stick in your guest’s minds.


It could be a western magician with the rabbit and a hat or an African magician with the basket filled with water. Although, I’d rather see some African Magic lol


Alternative Wedding Entertainment

Credit: Dan Ward Photography

Dance Off:

We’ve already mentioned this, and we’re doing so again here because it never gets old.


You could spin this by having the groom and his friends dance-off with the bride and her friends.


Oh just imagine the fun your guests will have watching you.


Alternative Wedding Entertainment

Credit: Inside Weddings


It’s always fun to dance limbo.


Why not take it to your wedding reception and have your guests do the limbo on the dancefloor.


Just don’t let your parents and their friends try this (so you don’t hear cracks from the backs of the elderly lol). This will work for a wedding filled with young people.



Alternative Wedding Entertainment

Credit: Pinterest

Temporary Tattoo Station:

Just think about it for a second.


Having a temporary tattoo station for your guests will definitely be something to remember. It will be like a face-painting station for kids, but for adults


Alternative Wedding Entertainment

Credit: Two Hearts Wedding

Ice-Cream Station:

Everybody loves ice-cream. It doesn’t matter how old you are.


There was a wedding I attended, and they had a chocolate ice-cream fountain. Imagine it.




That’s how your guests and their kids will describe your wedding if you got an ice-cream station.


Alternative Wedding Entertainment

Credit: Scarlet Entertainment

Singing Waiters:

I just imagined you saying ”wait, what? singing waiters?”


Hear me out. Imagine how your guests’ jaws will drop when the waiters serving their food just burst into song. Hahahaha it’s going to be so much fun, and definitely something your guests will talk about for a very long time.


Bonus Idea – Karaoke Photo Booth

Get your guests to showcase their inner Beyonces and Ushers at your wedding. And take videos and photos while they’re at it.


For more ideas on wedding entertainment, or to get a photo booth for your wedding, click here, let’s talk



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