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By September 22, 2018 Photo Booth

Almost every professional photographer has a good camera because of the advancement of technology and ease of use. Despite becoming a boost to the profession in Nigeria and the world at large, it did not come without the burden of having to ensure that the quality of print out matches the camera output on screen which has undoubtedly raised client expectations.

After events, clients will order for print out and would be fully expectant based on the flashes and screen. This is where the your integrity and professionalism comes to check. You can imagine trying to watch a film on high definition device and then suddenly you see a normal screen.

At times we find ourselves berated because our print out does not match the digital output on camera.

With us, this is an experience you will never have because we have the latest technology in printers and operators.

quality prints


However, if you are a photographer, these few tips can help you out:

  • Get a good printer – if it takes a high tech camera to take a quality picture, trust me it will take a high tech printer to do the job perfectly like the one we use for our events in Nigeria.
  • Employ a good operator – a car can only be as fast as its driver, so it is for a good printer, the operator must be familiar with the brand so as to address the following to get quality prints:
  1. Check for the appearance settings to improve colours, brightness and the rest.
  2. Use the best or maximum Dots per inch (DPI) quality in print settings
  3. Check the monitor display settings because it could be deceiving.


These few tips will certainly help you get quality prints.

If you need a professional photographer in Nigeria to do the job for you at maximum quality and value for money, we are just a call away from you.


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