After taking you through the therapy of our PhotoGenic love doctors about how you can make a decision to maximise the love season with respect to choice of location based on relationship levels, our ever dynamic team of love doctors have decided to bring the game changer to this year’s valentine season.

Allow us to brag for a minute that when it comes to high fun and engagement at any party, we don’t raise the bar, we are the bar.

At this year’s valentine party, we have variants of photo booth service you can explore but because we are more concerned about high values via top notch delivery that tells a story of its own, with all sense of humility and professionalism, our PhotoGenic love doctors hereby recommend you to choose the PhotoGenic love combo.

PhotoGenic Love Combo?

This is a combination of all or some of  Red Carpet Experience, Dance Booth, Themed props and BlackLight Booth.

Ofcourse, the next question is why the combo?

Just relax and read on

Dance Booth: This is a special innovation from PhotoGenic that allows it users to burst some dance moves while using the booth. The fun is high and the magic moment involved is a wonder because many are caught in between trying to dance moderately in order to get a dope pose for the booth.

Red Carpet Experience: How can you separate red carpet from a valentine party? Apart from the colour which matches the season, red carpet goes a long way in setting the romantic tone of a valentine party because of the special touch of setup from our team that makes it stand out.

Themed Props: At PhotoGenic, we believe props has a way of defining the theme of a party and our team of experts are always ready to pick the best props that suits your valentine party.

Just imagine proposing to your dream lover with a prop in an atmosphere of love.

BlackLight Booth: “After the show na the party oo” says the legendary 2Baba (Tuface) in one of his old hit songs.

When all is said and done, you can round up the event with an after party, which is why we added the blacklight booth.

Apart from the glittering and highly attractive prop, the booth setup has a way of bringing the club to any location it was engaged and that has always been the game changer  for after parties.

Other Photobooth service includes Social Booth, GreenScreen, Magic mirror, Super Booth, Karaoke Booth and many more.

This is what we have for you in this love season, do you have other preferences? Let us know in the comment section.

For more information about our packages and pricing, reach us here.

Happy Valentine!

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