In a world of vocabularies where everyone is quick to assert themselves to speak the correct english. We will not be going into the war of arguement over who is right or wrong because we are not english tutors…lol.

However, as such as we have, we give thee, which is why we will be suggesting and rolling you through some of the birthday parties we have done across all age groups and how we brought our top game at the event to ensure the head of our clients are #turnioniown

Take a chair, grab some cookies while we blow your mind.

First year with a bang: Often times the celebrant is not aware of this celebration but the parents, family and friends come together to make awesome memories the kid will forever cherish years to come.

Tween years: 10th birthday is the last chance to celebrate childhood, this is the age almost every kid feels like they have grown because it’s the double figures at last. This is usually a big party for the kids as a new phase of their life will begin.

Sweet Sixteen: There is something sweet about clocking sixteen, it’s the transitioning into a young adult with visible growth and it’s a momentous occasion that is celebrated with great fanfare.

Twenty First Cent: Do you mean twenty and one? that’s huge! Guys are now older and have some life experience, they are getting over the hype of 18+. It’s a party that looks more like a reunion for folks that have not met in a while. It might also be a party to show your friends, who the boss is.

Silver Jubilee: At 25, you now have responsibilities. People are busy making themselves successful. It’s a party where the fun is high and there is enough to throw around because everyone is on top of their game.

Dirty Thirty: This is a celebration that marks significant stage in one’s life as you are officially a mature and responsible adult with necessary wisdom to make important decisions in life.

Life begins at Forty: Instead of been a fool at forty, life begins at forty because you are at the peak age for you to be regarded as a youth. This is a party you wanna catch all the fun while the hair is still dark.

Golden Jubilee: This is like a gate to old age, this is when birthday party is now been regarded as celebration of life in its full meaning. Looking back and reflecting on all you have pulled through.

Party like the 60s: With the children now fully grown and in a live of their own, why would anyone wanna miss out on celebrating such event?.

70s got nothing on me: Of course at this age, grandpa or grandma needs to catch fun with their children and grandchildren, take extended family pictures and just show love to each other. It is always an opportunity to unite the family.

We have been at all these parties and have delivered flawlessly, which one of this category are you planning? Let’s do the same for you



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