Did you know your favourite colours represent your personality? So, there’s actually meaning into the colours and themes you choose for your wedding.


Your colour selection for your wedding is usually a subconscious reflection of your personality. And some believe, that the meaning your wedding colours carry, might follow you into your wedding life.


Well, we don’t know about that. But we’re curious to know what each colour means. So, we researched colours and their meanings. So you are informed, you know, for your PhotoBooth or just in case the meaning actually follows into your marriage life.


Blue Wedding Colour

Blue Wedding Colour


My personal favourite colour. The colour represents peace, tranquillity, devotion and faithfulness.

This colour will evoke peace at your wedding. Personalities that choose blue for their wedding, tend to be reliable and devoted. These are qualities you’d definitely want to carry on to your marriage life.



The pure colour. White represents purity, innocence, cleanliness and simplicity.

This colour represents a new beginning, an attempt to capture lost youth and a longing for a simple and stress less life.



Yellow Wedding Colour

Yellow Wedding Colour


The intellect colour. The colour represents happiness, wisdom, cheerfulness and adventure.

Personalities that choose this colour tend to be creative, spontaneous, adventurous, good communicators and humorous.



The colour of passion. Red represents excitement, vitality, health and passion (hola St Valentine).

Personalities that choose red themed weddings tend to be attention seeking, action-oriented, passionate and confident.



The colour of the earth. Green represents balance, harmony, growth and renewal. A green themed wedding will create a restful and calming effect on your guests.

Personalities that choose green themed weddings tend to seek renewal, seek peace and are loyal companions.



The colour of elegance and sophistication. This colour is common among weddings. It evokes a warm and embracing feel at weddings.

Personalities that choose an Ivory themed weddings are classy, strong, elegant and love luxury.


Purple Wedding Colour

Purple Wedding Colour


The colour of royalty. A purple themed wedding will create a sense of mystery and fantasy.

Purple represents royalty, magic, fantasy and mystery.

Personalities are dignified, artistic, individualistic and free spirited



The colour of love.

Pink represents unconditional love and nurturing. Personalities that go for pink themed weddings are usually generous, compassionate, nurturing and sensitive.


Gold Wedding Colour

Gold Wedding Colour


The colour of wealth. Gold represents enjoyment and surprisingly good health.

A gold themed wedding will project a sense of extravagance and affluence to your guests.

Personalities tend to be charismatic, confident, attention seeking and life loving people.



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