5 Things Your Prom Party Must Have

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Prom Party

Many of us would love a chance to edit our past wouldn’t we? Well, I am one of such people and one of the few parts of my life I would love to edit if given the chance is my High School prom because it could have been spectacular if the organisers knew what I know now. If I could edit that moment in history and have a superb Prom party, here is how I would want them to plan it:


Hire a Photo booth. Don’t get me wrong, I have pretty good pictures of my prom night but they are traditional and boring. No silly faces with my friends, no props that displayed our individual personalities and quirks. Now, with the help of PhotoGenic photo booth, friends can show their love for each other by making each picture memorable in a creative way.


Have customised neon-signed photo moments captured during the event stored on a CD, USB or even saved online to be viewed at my leisure or to share with friends on FaceBook/Instagram . The pictures would have been enlarged and printed for wall photo art. That would have been super cute and a perfect souvenir right?


Incorporate lots of colour into the theme. Wouldn’t it have been so much fun if colours were incorporated into the theme not just plain black and white? Imagine a prom night that has the PhotoGenic green screen effect: high-end studio lighting and real-time digital image manipulation that transposes guests to any destination of their choice? Superb!


Get The Photo GuestBook Album. This is Year Book 2.0. It combines warm words from people who love you with special photo moments to cherish forever. This is the ultimate PhotoGenic experience at any prom.


Book the PhotoGenic Lounge so that my friends and I can pose for pictures in the programmable multi-colour semi-enclosed spiral booth, while sipping on cool lemonade and relaxing like true celebrities. The best part? Sharing these pictures with our friends in other schools on the spot via Facebook/Instagram/Twitter using the PhotoGenic Ipad Social Sharing Stations.


Although I cannot rewind time and have the prom of my dreams, my colleagues and I can help you plan the most memorable prom night whether you are a student, a loving parent or a school principal.  Simply call 08060903561 or send an email to [email protected] and experience the PhotoGenic magic today.


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