PhotoGenic Wireless SlideShow – A Unique Way to Entertain Guests, Enhance Your Brand and Interactively Display Event Photos. Great for Conventions, Concerts, and Corporate Events

Event Planners, Brand Managers, and Activation Experiential Agencies are always looking for new, innovative methods to entertain guests in ways they haven’t seen and PhotoGenic Instant Wireless Slideshow is just the perfect, fun way to build the buzz in the room.

PhotoGenic Wireless Slideshow is an amazing experience for your guests because of the interactive excitement of capturing a photo from any source (Your Phone, Our Fairies, or Our PhotoBooths) and instantly seeing that photo on a large screen display.

Gone are the old days when photos are taken over the course of an event, then in the final hours photos are displayed for all to see. With PhotoGenic Wireless Slideshow, It’s Instant! We are so excited about Photogenic Wireless Slideshow and the capability it brings to planners to truly WOW and create an interactive brand experience for clients.

Wireless SlideShow by PhotoGenic – Something New! and never seen before

From corporate parties, concerts, and conventions to grand weddings, birthday celebrations, and graduation prom, this product works perfectly for many types of events that take place in large halls or even multiple rooms. Plus PhotoGenic Wireless SlideShow works seamlessly with existing projection setup as well as our other services like PhotoBooth, #HashTag Activations, and Fairies.

See photos from a recent Instant Wireless Slideshow event here: #TWICE2015 by PhotoGenic

See video below by Christie’s Photographic Solutions, an American Photo-Entertainment Company, highlighting how Wireless Slideshow Works?

Watch How Wireless Slideshow Works

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