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How does Photo Booth work?

Photo Booths are the newest “must-have” entertainment services for weddings and corporate events in Nigeria. It’s super simple.
1. You Book PhotoGenic and we’ll take it from there
2. We’ll entertain your guests, help your brand your product, and you end up with all the amazing memories on our premium photo guestbook.
3. Your guest just have to show up, grab a friend and one of our awesome props, strike funky poses and let PhotoGenic do the rest.

What sets PhotoGenic apart from other Photo Booth companies?

Simply put, It’s our Passion For What We Do.
We Love engaging customers to build brand loyalty. We Love Weddings. And We Love creating and capturing magical moments.
With the best technologies in the industry, winning customer service, proven reliability, and our Price Match Guarantee, PhotoGenic is by far the coolest photo booth experience in Nigeria.

I already hired a photographer, why would I want a photo booth?

Our Photo Booth is an attraction for guests because it’s an unbelievably fun experience. Photographers/videographers have a tendency to focus on the couple and close family and they move in and out of crowds to get candid shots.

PhotoGenic creates a fun and exciting atmosphere of laughter that will fill the event. It’s something that will keep them entertained and talking about this date for quite sometime. And when they forget, they’ll look back on the photo keepsakes to remember it all over again!

Learn more about the differences between a photo booth and photographer.

My event is outside Lagos, can I still hire your services?

Absolutely! Lagos is home office, but we’ve done some of our best events in Ibadan, Benin, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.
Kindly fill form to request quote or you can call us at 0806.090.3561 or 0815.455.2666

Your Photo Booth Packages are great, but what if I want something different?

We have 3 amazing packages for private and corporate events.
However, if you want something uniquely you, we would love to customize a package just for you.
When booking us, kindly provide details about your requirements and we’ll make it happen.

A Photo Booth for my Event sounds FUN but seems expensive! Am I going to be able to afford this?

ABSOLUTELY! You’ll be surprised to discover that renting our Photo Booth is something you can afford. We offer a complimentary consultation where we listen to your needs. After gathering that information, we will work with you and see which package will suit your event and price point.

Our Price Match Guarantees the most competitive rates in the market. Plus we offer discounted rates on Weekday Rentals (Monday-Thursday). Just contact us today to find out more!

What If I find a lower price elsewhere?

You can be easily fooled by a competitor’s lower price, slower session times typically means you’ll end up paying more money per photo. Send us a competitor’s quote and we will do a free comparison by phone with you to highlight the differences if any.

It is easy to cut corners with poor customer service, lower quality cameras, printers, computers, or even the paper. Our combination of highly trained operators, premium papers and state-of-the art electronics guarantees the highest quality possible, fastest photo session processing and quickest printing times.

In fact, with our Price Match Guaranteed ,find a lower price of an equal quality and service photo booth and we will beat their price by 10%!

This sounds like EVERYTHING we’ve been looking for. What happens next to start the booking process?

Kindly take the time to review our packages to see which one makes sense for your special event. We can also customize our packages to meet your needs.

To begin booking process you can either:
1. Fill Booking Form
2. Email [email protected] (with event date, type, location and contact info) OR
3. Call 0806.090.3561 | 0815.455.2666 | +1.770.366.4008 (U.S)

We will get back to you right away. If you don’t see an email from us within an hour, please check your spam mail.

We have some irresistible packages just for you!

What types of events do you service?

We service almost all types of event. See some example and ideas below:

A – F:
Activation Events, Anniversary Party, Awards Night Party, Baby Shower, Bachelor Party, Bachelorette Party, Birthday Party (Adults), Birthday Party (Kids), Brand Campaign, Bridal Shower, Children’s Day Celebration, Celebration New Year Party, Christening, Christmas Party, Church Service, Club Event, Cocktail Party, College Reunion, Commitment Ceremony, Community Event, Concert, Convention, Corporate Party, Country Club Event, Cruise Ship Event, Dinner Dance, Easter Celebration, Election Day Party, Engagement Party
Family Reunion, Father’s Day Party, Carnival Festival, Fundraiser

G – N:
Graduation Party, Grand Opening, Halloween Party, High School Reunion, Holiday Party, Hotel Event
Inauguration Party, Independence Day Party
Labor Day Party, Football Madness Party,
Golf Tournament Party, Mother’s Day Party, Movie Release Party, New Year’s Eve Party

0 – Z:
Offsite Reception, Private Party, Prom, Resort Event, Restaurant Opening Event
Retirement Party, Reunion,
Sweet 16 Party, Thanksgiving Celebration
Trade Show, Valentine’s Day Party
Wedding Anniversary, Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception, World Cup Party

How early do I need to reserve my Photo Booth Rental?

Well seeing as people are already booking for next year’s events, I’d say the sooner, the better.
To secure your booking, we simply require your complete a booking form and make a N48,600 deposit.
We book one event per day per equipment—so the earlier you book, the better chances you have of booking your date!

What If I have a last minute event within 7 days?

No worries, we have your covered. Just Call our Senior Manager, Wale, at 0806.090.3561 or 0815.455.2666 for last minute bookings and he will do his best to accommodate your event.

When is full payment expected?

The balance of the remaining payment is required up to 15 days before your event. You’ll have no problems in remembering, as at that stage we will have contacted you regarding your event theme, photo layouts, Photo Booth exterior, Green Screen etc.

How many people can fit inside PhotoGenic Photo Booth?

Unlike the old fashioned photobooths, our “open-air” concept photo booths can fit an unlimited amount of people (just depends on how creative they get). PhotoGenic’s current record is 17! See photo here.

See if you can fit more than 17 people during your event! You know the saying, “the more–the merrier!”

How long should I rent your Photo Booth for?

The typical rental period is 4 hours. Working at full speed our best-in-class PhotoBooth can get 50 sessions per hour, so that’s 200 sessions, as most people go into the Photo Booth in 2s and 3s then that time is adequate for events up to 200-300 guests (some/many guests will want more than one go!).

For larger events we suggest having a longer rental period (for every 100 guest, we recommend adding 1 hour) and for VERY large events (like concerts, product launch), we recommend more than one Photo Booth.

Will operator be with the booth at the event?

Yes! There will be at least 2 full-time knowleagable attendants to assist guests and to make sure everyone is having fun and that the booth operates properly throughout your event. Our past clients tell us we have the friendliest operators!

If you pick a package that has Premium GuestBook Album or iPad Sharing Station, you’ll get additional awesome operators to thrill your guests.


Stay Updated on Specials

Will I get copies of the photos from my event?

Yes, You and your guests will both get copies. Your guests will immediately get a print out and an option to email or post photo on FaceBook (optional) using our iPad Sharing Stations.
In additional to the premium photo guestbook album (which will have photos from guests who left you kind words), you can get a digital set of all the pictures on a CD/USB.

Finally, we’ll also put up a web gallery for everyone to enjoy or/and post album on FaceBook (optional).

Can I have the photo template say or show anything I want?

Yup, our graphic designer TJ can customize your print just the way you want it. We’ll brand your photo anyway you like from adding special text, colors, and images to theme-based layout design.

We can color match your wedding invite, customized stationary or any theme you have for your event. You can see a few samples in our gallery. After booking your event, TJ will reach out to you or event planner to start discussing design concepts and working through up to 3 iterations (Magical Package only).

What if there are 2 or more people on the photo, who gets the print?

They all do! That’s the beauty of PhotoGenic’s de-coupled iPad Sharing Station. The operator or your guest has the ability to wireless command PhotoGenic to print more than one print for each session. Most guests prefer to Email/FaceBook photos instead of printing. So if there are 4 people in the photo and they each want a copy, they’ll all get one.

How long after my event do I have to wait before I see my photos?

Amazingly, You don’t have to wait until after your event. We’ll deliver your guestbook photo album same day! Many brides and event planners have been amazed with our same-day service delivery of photos. It’s a true differentiator as many traditional photographers take many weeks before sharing your own photos with you.

It’s one of the many little things that makes the PhotoGenic Team different.

Will your guests have access to the photos after event?

YES. You and your guests will have access to all pictures captured during the event. We can password protect the albums or leave it open to the public (just let us know).

1. Gallery: Shortly after the event, we post photos on our Gallery page
2. FaceBook: We can also post event album on our FaceBook page. Many of our clients prefer this so they can quickly share moments with friends and family
3. Email: For those guests who used our iPad Sharing Station, we will email photos to them in form of a “Thank You” note for attending your event (Magical Package only)

I want lots of fun Props for my guests, what types do you offer?

We Love props too! We have an amazing collection of Photo Booth Props that keeps on growing.
We have Crowns, Tiaras, Glasses, Lips, Moustaches, Write-ups like (She Said Yes), Wigs, Masks, Googly eyes, Bow-ties, and so much more.
If you have a unique themed-event, we can custom order special props just for you.

See one of our early blogs on Fun and Awesome Props.


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Corporate Clients

We know you have
unique requirements!

Can We Brand PhotoGenic Photo Booth?

Absolutely! PhotoGenic Booth can be transformed into Brand X Booth. Everything from the the booth’s exterior to background/backdrop to photo print-out to iPad Sharing Screens to even Slideshow.
TJ, our in-house creative guy, will work with your team to integrate your logos, text, colors and overall theme with the branding experience.

We’ll immerse your guests and customers with an interactive visual brand experience.

We want Social Media Hype and Engagement, How can you help us?

We can definitely help you here. Post It (Facebook/Instagram), Tweet It (Twitter) or go old school and Email it! Use our customized iPads to share and spread the photo-entertainment experience instantly with the world.

Social Media is the best way to attract friends and followers that are likeminded and similar. PhotoGenic integrates social media technologies seamlessly into the experience to help businesses harness the benefits of focused and targeted marketing.

PhotoGenic stands out from other branding services by providing clients with accurate and comprehensive tracking and reporting capability. This helps our clients to understand the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

We want to learn more about our customers, how can you help?

Yes, we can help here using our Data Capture Technology – Seamlessly integrated into the experience, our advanced data capture technology enables our clients to capture valuable information about consumers who engage with the photo booth experience.

See example of how we used Data Capture in Case Study at bottom of our Corporate Page.

We want to do something unique and different for a product launch, how can you help us?

Yes! We’d love to help you. PhotoGenic Photo Booths are fun, flexible and a creative way to differentiate your brand. We provide you with a platform for Interactive Visual Branding, Social Media Marketing, and Deep Customer Engagement.

We’ll work with your team to ensure we clearly understand your goals and then make creative proposal to exceed them. PhotoGenic is easily the Ultimate Choice for Effective Campaign Activation and Brand Engagement.

What are the different corporate packages you offer?

We offer 3 corporate packages (Elite Class, Business Class, & First Class). For more information about the different packages kindly email us at [email protected].

Do you support Local Charities?

We believe it is important to give back to our community! We do as much as we are able to by offering our services at a generous discount to non-profit organizations. If you would like to make a request, please email us at [email protected].

Photo Booth Setup Question / Answers

Our event is taking place outdoors, can your booth be set-up outside?

Yes. Our booth can be set-up anywhere there is an electrical outlet.
However, we require that our photo booth be covered and protected from any inclement weather, such as, but not limited to, rain, direct sunlight, and high wind.
Note: If required for your event, Tent or Generator Rental will require additional fees.

Are there limitations on where the Photo Booth can be set-up?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Our Photo Booth can be set up just about anywhere. We recommend being within 8 feet from an electrical outlet. Before your event, we will contact your events coordinator at your venue and arrange the best location to put your photo booth.

How much time is needed to set-up or take down the Photo Booth?

We will arrive up to 60-90 minutes prior to your event start time to set-up. It usually takes about 45 minutes or less to set-up or take down the Photo Booth. The set-up and take down of the Photo Booth will not affect your rental time. If there are any special requirements, we may need a little more time.

How much electrical power does your Photo Booth require?

PhotoGenic Photo Booths requires power of 220-240V, 20amps and an outlet within 8 feet of set-up. We’ve had no issues getting power supply in indoor event centers.

For outdoor events, we work closely with event center or planner to ensure we have the necessary power supply or generator (for additional fee).

Where will the Photo Booth be situated at our event?

This depends entirely on the venue and the event. It’s best to find a location that is close to the action and easy for your guests to see without interupting the natural flow of your venue.

Up to 14 days before event we discuss the position with the event planner or venue coordinator. If we have attended the venue previously then we’ll suggest the most situable placement.

Our event is not on the ground floor (it's on 2nd floor), is that OK?

Yes. PhotoGenic Photo Booth breaks down easily for transportation, so can easily fit into lifts or be carried upstairs. We had an event on the top floor of the Intercontinental Hotel (Lagos), so no worries (we can handle the 2nd floor).

How much floor space should I set aside for the photo booth?

We recommend setting aside an area of 8ft by 7ft (2.5m by 2.1m) to allow your guests comfortably enjoy PhotoGenic. If your selected package includes Props and iPad Sharing station, we’ll need additional space for table setup. So for planning purposes, kindly keep aside 10ft by 10ft for photo booth.

Note: The space requirement is highly flexible especially with our free standing booth. So if you have less space, let us know and we’ll figure it out.

Photogenic Photobooth A First-Class Branding Experience