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PhotoGenic Mirror

Our sleekest and most sophisticated product yet, PhotoGenic Mirror is a unique photo-generating product posing the latest technology in interactive picture taking.
The full-length mirror offers a sleek design and a user-friendly interface, communicating with guests through a touch screen of colorful animations and entertaining voice guidance.

BOOK FOR: Product Activations, Corporate Parties, and Marketing Events

PhotoGenic Social Booth

Users snap photos from our super sleek booths and share them instantly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, and SMS. Plus instant photo printing and perfectly complements with other PhotoGenic services like Instant Wireless Slideshow and Hashtag Activation.

GREAT FOR: Weddings, Parties, and Marketing Events

PhotoGenic Hashtag Activation

Harness the ultimate power of Social Media for your BRAND by incorporating what your fans love, photos of themselves! It’s a Win-Win. Your fans view and/or print their Instagram or Twitter photos live at your event. INSTANT photos with your logo, messaging, and hashtag provide amazing branding benefits.

GREAT FOR: Activation Events, Product Launch, and Exhibitions

PhotoGenic Fairies

Our talented team of roaming photographers capturing magical moments. Handing out branded photo celebrations to guest after guest. Then enabling guests to instantly share the experience on Instagram and FaceBook. Take the fun to your attendees or guests!

GREAT FOR: Expos, Weddings, Concerts, and Marketing Events

PhotoGenic GreenScreen

Ready for something truly mesmerizing? Introducing PhotoGenic GreenScreen: an experience that turns your imagination into reality. Using our high-end studio lighting and real-time digital image manipulation, we completely immerse your guest in the brand experience.

GREAT FOR: Product Activations, Movie Premieres, Expos, & Concerts

Social Media Slideshows & Walls

Not only can you print photos from Instagram & Twitter, but you can display them in a customizable slideshow or wall presentation. Give guests the instant gratification of seeing their photos displayed moments after they are taken and monitor attendees tweets in real time.

GREAT FOR: Conference, Trade shows, Concerts, and Marketing Events


We have plenty of options to help bring a unique experience that suits your one-of-a-kind brand or event. Don’t hold back, go ahead, Pick one or more!

Customized Props

Limitless customization opportunities. Unique for each event and theme.

GIF Animation

Your thought photo booth were fun? Wait until you try GIF Animation…

Green Screen

The ultimate integration. Make your customers and brand become one

Irresistible Backdrops

Limitless customization opportunities. Unique for each event and theme.

Red Carpet Experience

Experience what it feels to be a true Hollywood oh “Nollywood” celebrity walking the red carpet. Guaranteed to dazzle your guests…

Custom Photo Folders

High quality “branded” photo folders to frame and protect the magical moment captured

Get More Likes

Activation Event? Get More Likes to Amplify Your Reach and Build a Following

Booth Branding

Bring your brand or event theme to life with customized booth branding.

Data and Lead Capture

Get the information or feedback you’re looking for with seamless integration of Friendly brand questionnaires and user details.

Video Booth

Videos are even more exciting! Allow your guest leave short clips about the experience. Laughter and fun guaranteed.

FaceBook Fan Page

Make the most of the opportunity with auto image uploads onto your brand’s Facebook fan page for increased social traffic and exposure.

Brand Promoter

Make sure everyone enjoys the PhotoGenic experience with a dedicated promoter to help engage consumers with your brand.

Build A Booth

Pick any shape, size, or color and we can make it! PhotoGenic can transform into any shape you like to match your event theme.

Software Customization

Bespoke every aspect of the PhotoGenic experience to help cater to your every need with the software customization option.

Real Time Report

Stay on top of things with live access to every photo and piece of data garnered during the event, manageable from anywhere in the world.

Instant Email

Carry your brand experience all the way through, with fully customizable emails to guests including their event picture, brochure attachments, social media links, and more.

Online Platform

Have your very own branded online website where guests can interact with your brand and special features, and also share more pictures on social media channels.

Slow Motion Video

It’s time to bring out your inner celebrity. Add some extra drama to your video experience with an epic slow motion cinematic experience

Contest Mode

Run contests at your photo booth. Create a “golden ticket” template that randomly prints for users to win a contest or giveaway.

Creative Filters

Thanks to Instagram, everybody loves filters. Let users choose from basic filters like: Color, Black & White Or enable Advanced filters like: Cartoon, Sketch, Night Vision, or Comic Book

Display Advertising

Promote to a captive audience. Add ads to your photo slideshows. These ads are shown at timed intervals and can be either images or videos.