Yay! It’s another year for the PhotoGenic Awards. Though there was covid-19 for the most part of year 2020 it could not stop our shine and we can’t wait to share with you some of the best exciting moments we captured.


Searching for the best of the best can be a challenge, especially when short listing them into different categories but these special categories are the ones who find innovative ways to maximize their photo booth session to create memories that leave a lasting impression. 

Amazingly our team was able to come up with these award categories to thrill our audience highlighting different favorite moments of guests using our booths. 

Drum rolls!!!

And the award goes to;

Best Couple Moment


Best GreenScreen


Best Pose



Best Kiss



Best Branded Experience



Best Owanbe



Best Celebrity Moment



Best Kids Moment



Best Themed Moment


Best use of Props

Best Wedding Template


When looking at each category, it’s important to understand that these guests came to have fun and so you should plan towards taking over our fun photo booth at your next event.

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