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The Benefits:

– Make Over 100K Per Month
– Extreme Part-Time Work
– Attend Major Events and Parties
– Make-up and Photoshoot Session
– Specially Curated Training Classes
– Grow Your Network and Meet Talented People
– Opportunity to Become Full-Time PhotoGenic Member
– And Much More…

PhotoGenic Ambassador – How it Works?

/ It’s a 3-step process /

1. Fill the Form Below.

2. Share PhotoGenic Services with Friends, Family and Acquaintances.

3. Get Paid When Your Referred PhotoGenic Event is Complete.

Ready to Become An Ambassador?

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Refer PhotoGenic Services to friends, family and prospective clients


When event is complete, get paid your commission on same-day!


Would I Make a Great Ambassador?

– I need extra income
– I have some spare time to try new things
– I am a student and need part time activities
– I am employed, but want to make more money
– I have lots of friends and family
– I love events and entertainment industry
– I spend time on social media
– I am into photography or movies
– I am looking to meet new, interesting people

/If you fit one or more of these descriptions above,
you would make a Great Ambassador.

//Simply fill form below to get started.

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Work Less; Earn More

Double Your Commission Pay As You Grow to a LEVEL II Ambassador. Plus Get Paid Faster and Attend The Coolest Parties in Your City.


Commission x1

Let's Start Making Money

1-3 Events
On-boarding Lunch with GM
Get Paid When Event Complete
Your Social Media Announcement
Part-Time: Work Your Own Hours

LEVEL IIStart Rolling in Cash

Commission x2

LEVEL I Benefits + More

3 or More Events
Attend Events and Parties
Make-up and Photoshoot Session
Training Classes
Network and Meet New People
Your Profile Added to Our Site


Fixed + Commission *

You Now One of Us

10 or More Events
Guaranteed Monthly Salary
Work From Home or Office
Laptop, iPad and Smartphone
Note: Interview with CEO Required

What Ambassadors Are Saying…

My Aunty was throwing the Twins 1st Birthday Party. I simply recommended PhotoGenic PhotoBooth to her and she loved the idea. I got a 10K alert From DIDO STUDIOS on the day of the event. I was hooked!

Tola (UNILAG, 300 Levels Accounting)

It was a perfect addition to my Social Media Gig. I spent less than 5 mins a day posting about PhotoGenic to my followers and I made 55K by my 3rd month. Month 4 looking really good so far!

Fred (Social Media PR, Self Employed)

I love being a PhotoGenic Ambassador ... I made Level II in just two months. I have a huge network of friends and co-workers so simply referring PhotoGenic to them earns me money. Attending the weddings also cool cos I'm looking for a fine guy to marry

Adesuwa (Arik, Customer Service)

Well, you know how great the government pays youth corpers...hmmm. I mean it was great enough to get extra when I needed it, but when I reached a Level II, that was the real deal, the access to cool events, meeting celebrities, did I mention more cash???

Anita (NYSC, Corp Member)

Ambassador-Ready? Sign Up.

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PhotoGenic Gallery

SLAY Festival BellaNaija Style GreenScreen Photo Booth – Video

Plains of the Serengeti – GreenScreen

Pepsi, WizKid and Fans

The GreenScreen Experience – Short Video

Jonny Deep Wonderland Experience

Social Media GreenScreen – Short Video

Instant Branded Printing – Short Video

“Ultimate Fan Engagement”

“Queens by London Bridge”

“GreenScreen Brand Activation”

“The Bond Themed Experience”

“It Happened in Paris”

“Agent of The Month”

“L’oreal” by In The Booth

“Love is Better Under The Sea”

“Atlantis Themed Prom”

“NYC Bridge”

“Atlantis Underwater”

“Times Square Garden”

“Vegas Baby!”

“Magazine Cover”

Frequently Asked Questions

/ You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers. /

How is My Referred Client Tied Back to Me?

Our #1 objective is to ensure you get paid quickly for all your referral events. So we’ve created a 2-step referral verification process. Tell us all your referrals (name, phone, and email) and your referrals can also tell us your name or email.

It’s that simple. You get matched either way. And when event is complete, you get paid same day.

When Do I Get Paid?

This is a great question.

Getting your commission paid accurately and quickly is very important to us so we guarantee that you’ll get paid once your event is complete (same-day).

Note: During the on-boarding process, you’ll provide us your bank details where you want commissions deposited (GT Bank Preferred).

When Am I Eligible For Full-time Employment?

Most of our full-time employees came through the Ambassador Program. It’s the perfect way to ensure you love us and we love you too.

We encourage all new Ambassadors to focus on making Level II (> 3 events) as quickly as possible and then once you get over 10 events, you become eligible for full-time employment.

What Information Do I Share with Prospective Clients?

Once you fill the form to join the Ambassador Program, we’ll send you a welcome email.

The welcome email contains useful information on next steps and the on-boarding process. Plus every two weeks, you’ll get you a newsletter with tips on how to earn more.

For now, all information on our website is great to share with your prospective clients.

Is There A Limit to How Many Times Per Month I Can Receive Commission?

Absolutely Not!

The best ambassadors aspire to get 7-10 events per month. During the holidays and peak seasons, you can do even more. The record so far is 14 events in just one month. We waiting for you to set a new record 🙂

It’s Easy. Sign Up Today!

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