PhotoGenic InstaPrint

… hashtag printing and entertainment for events and activation campaigns

PhotoGenic InstaPrint is a fresh take on the customer brand experience for events. It’s simple, fun and highly effective for marketing campaigns. Engage your customers. Promote your brand. Expand your reach.

See How PhotoGenic InstaPrint Works!

ENGAGE customers with visual content that truly interests them

CREATE a unique brand experience with customized printout
PROMOTE your brand as guest engage at event and on social media
EXPAND your reach and build a following using network effect

PhotoGenic InstaPrint

PhotoGenic InstaPrint allows you to crowdsource your event photos. It’s simple. Just pick a hashtag (e.g. #PepsiMaxNaija) and tell your guests to tag their photos when they upload them to Instagram & Twitter. PhotoGenic InstaPrint will monitor Instagram & Twitter for photos (&videos) matching that hashtag and will automatically download, display and print them with your own custom template and branding.

 PHOTOGENIC INSTAPRINT… the Ultimate Branding & Entertainment Experience”

Harness the power of social media and elevate your customer’s brand experience to the next level with Instabooth.

PhotoGenic InstaPrint Features
• EVENT HASHTAG: A unique hashtag is created for your event and posted on the photo kiosk station
• PRINT LAYOUT ELEMENTS: Print it with instagram labels such as user’s ID image, tags, captions, likes, comments or create your own layout design. The choice is yours
• INTEGRATED ADVERTISING: Promote your brand by incorporating your logo, message, social media links on the print layout
• AUTOMATED PRINTING: Instabox automatically prints photos once correctly hashtagged
• INSTASLIDES: Photos taken by your guests are displayed live at the event for them to view, enjoy and appreciate
• SOCIAL MEDIA SHARING OPTION: Our photo kiosk comes with an iPad station where guests can share their photos to their own Facebook or Twitter accounts
• TWITTER FRIENDLY: Got no Instagram on your phone? Go Twitter.



How it works
PhotoGenic InstaPrint works with the beautifully designed, multi-platform, mobile application, Instagram and Twitter where:

• Guests take pictures with their smartphones and upload them on Instagram where they can apply filters to give the images a nostalgic effect.
• They then tag their photos with a pre-assigned hashtag unique to your event.
• InstaPrint collects these hashtagged photos and compiles them into a slideshow under your brand’s Instagram account.
• The photos are printed on your event’s custom-branded, Polaroid style, print layout.
• With PhotoGenic InstraPrint guests can view and get their printed photos for them to bring home
• Guests got no smartphone? No worries! We’ll have our PhotoGenic Fairies roaming and capturing your magical moments so you can share.

So, why go PhotoGenic InstaPrint? 
PhotoGenic InstaPrint is a fresh take on the customer brand experience for your events where you can:

EMPOWER your guests by involving them in the picture-taking process
ENGAGE your customers with visual content that truly interests them
SPARK excitement and spontaneity as guests become instant event photographers
CREATE a unique brand experience with customized polaroid style printout of images your customers can bring home
PROMOTE your brand or personal message via customizable booth and photo elements
EXPAND your reach and build an audience in addition to those who follow your brand, during your event. And beyond.



Half Day Event
Full Day Event
Multi-Day Event

What’s included

  • 1 Instaprint devices
  • Technician for setup and maintenance
  • Custom logo placement on prints
  • Unlimited paper
  • Post-event analytics reports

What’s additional

  • Travel and lodging for technicians when events are outside the Lagos Metro area
  • PhotoGenic InstaPrint Projection