Corporate Themed Valentine: 5 Valentine Ideas For Your Business

By February 7, 2018Photo Booth
Corporate Valentine

Want to increase sales this coming Valentine? 


Then host an event that will attract lovers and customers to your business. 


Valentine’s day is a perfect opportunity to increase your product sales, raise funds or generate leads for your business. Especially if your business is a restaurant, bar, NGO, fashion brand or any other B2C business. 


Here are a few ideas for your business for a profit generating, sales increasing valentine this year. 


1. Comedy Night: What better way to attract couples and customers, than with a promise of a good laugh? You can invite a comedian (or several) to your business for a night of comedy. Trust us, when customers associate laughter and happy emotions with your business, they’d never forget you. 


2. Karaoke Night: Love and music go hand in hand, don’t you think? So it only makes perfect sense to have a Karaoke themed valentine party for your customers. Make sure you get the best love songs on the playlist and use PhotoGenic’s Karaoke booth to capture every magical note and moment.  


3. Movie Night: A lot of couples will want to visit the movies on Valentine’s day. So why not have a movie screening of all the best classical romantic movies at your business to bring in the customers? What’s more? You can have your photo booth themed with the movies you’re screening. Or use the Green Screen photo booth to transport your guests to the movies.  


4. Wine Tasting Night: Especially great for restaurants and bars, a wine or food tasting themed valentine event will not only arouse the senses, it will increase your sales.  


5. Masquerade Night: Great for singles and couples alike, a masquerade themed event is a fun way to get people mingling at your Valentine-themed event. And luckily, The Mirror is the perfect photo booth for an event like this. 


Make this Valentine one to remember by your clients, customers, and prospects. Host a fabulous Valentine-themed event, with a photo booth of course. 


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