To help promote their event hashtag(#TWICE2015), Akin Eso and Wed Expo used PhotoGenic’s Hashtag Activation. The unique idea and services offered encouraged participation and saw a 200% increase in engagement over 2 days.

WED Expo was looking to add a fun, interactive, and socially driven activity to The Wedding Industry Conference and Exhibition in Lagos. Enabled by our #Hashtag Technology and by providing our InstaPrint Stations, they were able to incorporate On-site prints of Instagram photos, a wireless photo slideshow, and a memorable activity for attendees.

In addition to the wireless slideshow, our InstaPrint stations monitored, displayed, and printed the tagged Instagram photos. The branded 4″ x 6″ displayed #TWICE2015 logo and messaging and provided guests with a fun takeaway.

#Hashtag Tagged Photo Gets Printed and Branded with Logo and Messaging

The results for #TWICE2015 Hashtag Activation were simply impressive. With about 1.3 Million in potential reach, 870 Mentions, and about 200% increase in engagement in just 2 days, everyone is now looking forward to #TWICE2016.

Amplify Reach and Engagement on Social Media with #Hashtag Activation

It’s a Simple Process

  1. Brand’s #Hashtag is Promoted: Attendees see and hear about your brand’s hashtag before, during, after the event
  2. Fans Generate Content: By sharing their experiences with photos on Instagram and Twitter
  3. Photos Gain Impressions: Friends of each fan that tags photos potentially see and connect to your brand.
  4. Brand Connects with Fans: Fans leave with a memorable and experiential interaction with your brand.

How Does It Work?

  1. Ahead of your event, we work with you to select a hashtag (e.g #TWICE2015)
  2. We’ll work with you to brainstorm creative ways to fully engage your audience on or before your event day (like Contests/Giveaways, Instagram Walls, and Scavenger Hunt)
  3. It’s event day, relax we have you covered. Using our technologies we’ll harness the power of social media for your BRAND by incorporating what your fans love – photos of themselves!
  4.  It’s a Win, Win. Your fans view and/or print their Instagram or Twitter photos live at your event. INSTANT photos with your logo, messaging, and hashtag provide amazing branding benefits.
  5. At the end of event, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive reporting and analytics package on how your hashtag performed.

#Hashtag Activation Performance Report

PhotoGenic #Hashtag Activation can be used in creative ways like Contests and Giveaways, #VIP Hashtags, Video Posting, Scavenger Hunts, and much more. Some of our popular Add ons with #Hashtag Activation are:

  • + Full Kiosk Graphic Branding Wraps
  • + Auto Facebook Album Uploads
  • PhotoGenic Fairies
  • + Photo Gallery Microsite
  • + Custom Props
  • + Promotional Ads, Fliers, and Signage
  • + Wireless Slideshow

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Branded Photo by PhotoGenic Fairie for #TWICE2015 Hashtag Activation

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