Building a formidable customer-brand engagement circle is the biggest secret of the world’s most successful brands. When customers feel a personal/emotional connection with your brand and products, you will get constant valuable feedback and increased patronage without hurting your profit margin with heavy marketing costs.


Successful business owners have the ability to engage customers, glue them to their products and increase profit at a super-fast rate. They engage in a continuous loop of product activations! If you want your brand to join the big league, follow these simple tricks for product activations:


Product Activations

1. Organise or be part of an experiential marketing event.

This unique brand of marketing event gives consumers the opportunity to try your products, ask questions about it and give feedback on the spot. With the aid of a professional photo booth, personalized photos, exciting games/props, and bonus packages for every item bought, your sales will dramatically increase. 


Potential customers are also guaranteed to leave your booth with a great impression of your brand which opens them further to the possibility of doing business with you in future. The potential for generating marketing leads from experiential marketing events is another reason it’s our number 1 trick!


Remember, people are more inclined to give you their contact details willingly when they are having fun.


2. Have an in-store retail marketing point. 

If your business is located in a shopping mall, please get rid of the drab look and enhance the image of your product(s) by featuring it’s benefits or introducing the lifestyle associated with purchasing the product using point of purchase displays, attractive design and retail product launch experiences that allow customers to experience your products in an engrossing atmosphere.


This will help your brand stand out among your competitors and introduce your brand as the go-to brand in the minds of customers and potential customers. It is a cheaper alternative but also very effective.


Product Activations

3. Use Hashtag Activations

Leverage the power of social media to exponentially increase your product’s reach through the #hashtag activation at little or no cost. It’s the digital age so it pays to stay informed of social media trends that affect the business community and engage with your customers using a hashtag. Monitor the hashtag, keep the conversation about your products going and watch your brand soar to unimaginable heights.



To create an engaging and memorable product activation experience that will connect your brand to your customers and promote customer loyalty, simply call 08060903561 or send an email to [email protected] today.



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