Many of us grew up experiencing the ‘prom fever’ only on TV; all we had were Valedictory services which were often replete with endless boring speeches; but the Prom buzz has hit Nigeria in recent times. Many schools are now embracing the prom culture and incorporating it into their yearly traditions. If you’re a parent or school administrator who wants to do something special this year and organise an epic Nigerian prom night, sit tight and follow these tips:

Determine your budget: A prom can be an expensive affair and it is important that long before you begin any elaborate plan and get carried away you should determine how much of your personal funds or the school’s funds will go into the event. Also set aside a fund raising plan so that the financial burden is lightened and the students can still have a memorable night.

Choose an appropriate location: When choosing a location for the prom party keep in mind that security is the most important factor. Most hotels/halls that host prom parties have security personnel on standby but it is best to be sure. Also find out the extra services each potential location offers so you can get a good bargain. Ask critical questions like will the facility decorate for us? Does the price cover parking, food etc? Do they provide rooms for chaperones or is an accommodation nearby? No question is off limits. Be sure!

Select a theme: This is the most important part of the look and feel of the party because it is the basis for all other decisions including the decorations, menu and music! It’s best to let the students decide this one though. Popular themes to choose from are retro 50’s or 80’s party, Las Vegas casino night, African inspired theme etc.

Book a DJ: The DJ is the soul of every Prom so special care should be taken when selecting one. He/she must be a reliable professional who can meet up with the music needs of whatever theme has been chosen. You certainly don’t want the DJ playing a TEKNO song at a retro themed prom. Also remember to get a contract, and put in writing what you will be expecting from the DJ. H, and here’s something you’d like to try at your prom party – Karaoke.

Choose the menu: When it comes to proms, there are basically two options that are often used: a sit down dinner or a buffet. The latter is more expensive but it is definitely more flexible as it gives the students a chance to choose their meal based on preference and diet. Whatever you decide, ensure there is enough to drink and eat.


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