Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools an event planner needs to succeed and with its rise is the hashtag phenomenon (thanks to Twitter).


The Hashtag is an easy and effective way of tracking a conversation on social media. Even better is when the hashtag is made engaging by including beautiful pictures, videos, and gifs. The domino effect it has (when strategically executed) on brand awareness is really mind-blowing.


Here are 4 ways a combination of the right hashtag and beautiful photo instaprints can improve engagement before, during and after your event:


Event Instaprints

1. Brand awareness:

When your guests share their experiences at the event using the hashtag accompanied by beautiful instant photos – which will have your logo, messaging and hashtag – on social media platforms, the photos gain valuable impressions which in turn means more people will see and connect to your brand. Guests will also leave with a memorable and exciting experiential interaction with your brand.


2. Increased ticket sales and profit:

As stated earlier, the effect the hashtag and photo instaprints have on a business is a domino effect: with increased brand awareness comes increase in ticket sales, future patronage and profit as potential clients will see you as the right person to hire.


In 2015, The Wedding Industry Conference and Exhibition saw a 200% increase in engagement within twenty-four hours when they booked PhotoGenic photo booth along with the Hashtag Activation. This led to an overwhelming increase in ticket sales for the 2016 edition.


Event Instaprints

3. Catalog of events forever:

You know the saying, “the internet never forgets?” Yeah, it’s true. Your event is for one special day but it can be forever with a cool hashtag and even cooler instant photos saved online. Your guests can simply go to your social media platforms whenever they get the urge to reminisce and voila, it’s like the day never ended.


4. Community building:

Guests will feel like an important part of your business when they can share their experiences with you on social media and form bonds with fellow attendees in real-time.  This is a smart way of raising an army of loyal customers without hurting your pocket. *winks*


Still unsure it’s the right step for your business, click here to read a testimonial that will blow your mind away.


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