Depending on the age and personality of your child, he/she may want anything from a cartoon-themed birthday party to a rockstar or sports-themed one to even a space inspired theme. Whatever the preferences of your child we’ve got you covered with these foul-proof theme ideas that are guaranteed to make your kid ecstatic for the day and for years to come.


1. Cartoon theme:

You will be hard pressed to find a child below the age of 10 who doesn’t love at least one cartoon series. They love the characters, the vibrant colours and brave plots. Plan an elaborate party centered around your child’s favourite cartoon character(s). For the science inclined child, you can consider Doc McStuffins, adventure lovers will definitely be excited with a Dora the Explorer, Ben 10, Power Rangers, or any of the superheroes’ theme and the girly girls will be excited to be their favourite princess for a day.


2. Circus theme:

With lots of acrobatics by professional clowns, brightly coloured edibles and decor, and cute mod monkeys, the kids are guaranteed to have a memorable time being engrossed in all the fun around them. At a circus themed party, more colour is always better. Think rainbow!


3. Mad scientist:

We also have something special for your little genius: a mad scientist themed party! Pay no attention to the name, we know our little nerdy angels are sane and wonderful! With a mad scientist themed birthday party, expect to get lots of plastic bugs, plastic pipettes, chemistry charts/tables and a large birthday cake that looks like a hybrid of Dr Seuss and a fish. Basically, expect your living room to be turned into a giant science laboratory… Lol.


4. Space ship:

Ignite the imagination of your kid and his/her friends with something out of this world. A rocket-shaped birthday cake, robot cupcakes, space-themed candies, cool space suits, a rolling balloon in your backyard (with adult supervision, of course) and a cool DJ is all you need to throw this unforgettable birthday party.


5. Sports:

Of course our little Serena Williams and Lionel Messi are not left out of all the fun. They too can have the birthday party of their dreams. To nail this theme, the cake and candies have to be shaped like sports equipment. The racer car lover can have a huge Nissan GT-R or F1 cake and the tennis lover can have a tennis court cake. Awesome right? Don’t forget to bring along a huge clip art of his/her favourite sports star as well to truly impress the little athlete.


Whichever theme you pick, don’t forget to have all the fun moments captured on camera!


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