Here’s a story of Uzo, a go-getting marketing executive at a branding agency in Nigeria.



Her boss just gave her the biggest project of her career, so far. She is to handle the launch of a new product in 3 major cities in Nigeria – Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.


She is to execute the event series for the product launch, and ensure that each event in each city


  1. Promotes the product
  2. Amplifies the online awareness and reach for the product
  3. Boosts immediate sales of the product.



Now she needs the best experiential marketing that will help her promote, amplify the product, and increase sales immediately.


That’s why she called PhotoGenic, the best experiential and photo-tainment company in Nigeria.


Here’s how Photogenic helped Uzo achiever her goals


Branded Photobooth: At each event, Photogenic delivered a brandied photobooth.


The photobooth attracted so many guests, who wanted to take pictures with fun props and funny faces.


It made the event both lively, fun and engaging for the guests. And every picture taken had the branding of the new product. So as guests were leaving the event with their physical copies of the pictures, they were taking the product brand along with them.


Hashtag Activation: The event managed to trend on Twitter at each city.


Thanks to the hashtag activation from Photogenic.


As people were taking pictures, the pictures were automatically sent to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.


Imagine how Twitter was buzzing when every 1 minute a new fun and exciting picture pops up with the hashtag for the product. Everybody wanted to know what was going on, and what the hashtag was all about, and what the product was all about.


Green screen Technology: To boost the excitement and engagement at each event, Photogenic also delivered its green screen technology.


So when people were taking pictures in Lagos, it seemed like there were in Dubai, or New York or an exotic Island or with the president.


It was so much fun. People were so excited, and that left a positive impression of the new product on new customers.


So how did Uzo do on her project? Let’s see


Customer satisfaction – 98%

Social Media Hits – 2.5 million impressions

Sales – a double-digit increase from the last product launch by her company.


Now that’s amazing work.


You can duplicate Uzo’s results for your product launch, exhibitions, corporate events or concerts with Photogenic. Click here to contact Photogenic



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