Looking for that Special Wedding Gift?

Your “Bride-to-Be” daughter, sister, or best friend deserves the best, right? Become her favorite person by gifting her the perfect present on the big day. Booking PhotoGenic photo booth is a unique way to give her a priceless “photo” guest book album as well as entertain all her guest with The PhotoGenic Experience!

Imagine for a moment, a bride’s proud Mom hiring PhotoGenic photo booth for her daughter’s special day. Mama just provided a wonderful way for the couple to remember their big day with an irreplaceable album of fun pictures with written well wishes from friends and family. The guests get to feel like celebrities as they strike funky poses, have amazing fun, and instantly share the experience on FaceBook. Plus they all get to leave with a personalized photo souvenir.

album of fun pictures with written well wishes

Album of Fun Pictures with Written Well-Wishes

But wait, it gets better! It’s not a gift without knowing the giver. So each custom photo that guests receive can also reflect who made the PhotoGenic Experience possible (i.e With Love, Mum OR Souvenirs by Your BFF, Suzy).

Souvenir Courtesy of Mother of the Bride

Souvenir Courtesy of Mother of the Bride

So when you are looking for that COOL, that UNIQUE, that PERFECT gift that will get everyone excited and show her how much you care, then PhotoGenic Photobooth is exactly what you need. 

Give Her The Perfect Gift

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