“What’s so special about a photobooth?” OR                                                                                                                     “I already have a photographer for my event, why do I need a photo booth?”.

These are some questions we get asked quite often and we love to answer, so we thought to share with some of you who may have similar questions. (Note: This is part 1 of a 3 series blog)

Photo Booths have been around for ages , but have recently become a “must-have” accessory at weddings, corporate events, and special celebrations in Lagos and other major cities in Nigeria. The appeal of a photobooth boils down to a simple NEED at events – FUN & ENTERTAINMENT!

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A Photobooth is a great addition to events because it engages guests in an exciting way and thoroughly entertains them. It gives the party guests something fun to do while they are at your event. It’s also the ultimate ice-breaker as  your guests get an opportunity to mingle and to clown around, playing with props and striking fun poses.

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There is something especially exhilarating about the PhotoGenic PhotoBooth Experience. Maybe it’s the celebrity red-carpet feeling, or that guests get an instant keepsake photo, or that they can immediately share their experience on Instagram, Facebook or Email using our Social Sharing Technology.

Whatever it is for an individual guest, he/she is certain to remember the great time they had at your party and won’t stop talking about your event for many weeks after.

photo booth rental in lagos nigeria


For some brides, celebrants, and event planers, the Premium Guest Book Album is the #1 reason  to hire a PhotoBooth for your upcoming event. The PhotoBooth Guest Book is awesome keepsake that you will cherish and will be a beautiful vivid reminder of THE people and THE love at your special event. You ask what’s so special about the guestbook album?

Let Your Guests Tell You Have Much They Love You

Let Your Guests Tell You Have Much They Love You

photo booth rental in lagos nigeria

Our Lovely Bride Loving her Premium GuestBook Album

photo booth rental in lagos nigeria

Well, it’s pretty simple. At the end of your event you get to go home with a guestbook photo album containing fun photo booth photos of your friends and family with lovely hand written well wishes, prayers, and advice next to each photos.  (And YES, gone are the days you need to wait many weeks for your photographer to send you your own event pictures. With PhotoGenic Photo Booth, you get your guestbook album on the day of the event!)


Not only will your guests receive instant souvenir copy of the fun photo after pasting a separate copy for you on the guestbook album, they can also email or post the photo on FaceBook and Twitter.

Using our Social Media Sharing Stations, your guests can share the experience with the rest of the world and carry on the excitement for weeks after the big day as friends and family tag, comment and share photos.

PhotoGenic Photo Booth in Lagos Nigeria event

Share Your Experience with Your Friends

photo booth rental in lagos nigeria

hotoGenic Photo Booth in Lagos Nigeria event

photobooth rent in lagos nigeria


Photo Booths are tons of fun and adding our cool props and your crazy poses into the mix can make for some great photos. Props are an awesome way to make each shot fun and unique. Posing with friends and capturing silly faces makes a photo booth fun for any occasion, but adding props really gets the party going.

Ladies Whisker Lips Collection

Props!!! Ladies Whisker Lips Collection

Photo Booth is nigeria wedding

Mamas & Aunties Expressing with Cool Props

photo booth in lagos wedding

As Ruby, our Customer Service Rep, always says, Props are the secret sauce behind the PhotoGenic Photo Booth Experience – it’s the engine that creates the magical moments on your special Day!

photo booth rental in lagos nigeria

Yes.. This is Ruby rocking her favorite Prop – Princess Tiara


“The More; The Merrier” is a simple concept that our open-air photo booths take advantage off in their stylish design.

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Our open concept booth encourages interaction between guests and a contagious positive energy is shared amongst the crowd while allowing for great flexibility in your event’s theme design. More importantly, PhotoGenic PhotoBooths accommodates an extreme amount of guests in a photo booth session. On average we can fit up to 10, but with a little creativity we’ve seen a lot more, an example is our all-time record breaking picture of 2013 shown below.

photobooth in lagos corporate event

What?! This may be our record. I think we count 17. wow!

We counted 17 people in the top middle shot. Beats the 2012 Guinnes world record for most people in a photo booth#winks#. How many people can you count?

Between the laughter coming from your guests having fun at the Photo Booth stand and the moments that you get to relive while flipping through your guestbook album, hiring a photo booth will leave absolutely everyone with priceless memories of your special day!

Watch out for Part 2 of this blog. Coming Soon…

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