Introuducing PhotoGenic Lounge… Our top of the line Luxury Photo Booth for grand events and very special celebrations.

This is not your ordinary photo booth. PhotoGenic Lounge allows you to create a sleek photo booth experience perfect for adding the extra factor to upscale events. Guests are able to pose for shots in semi-enclosed spiral booth, with photos printed onsite and instant social media sharing capabilities.

Probably the most fanscinating experience about PhotoGenic Lounge is the programmable multi-color enclosure designed to blend perfectly with the color, mood, and theme of any event. So as an event planner or decorator looking for a photo booth that enhances the aesthetics and ambiance of an event hall, you’ll be excited with what the Lounge has to offer.

PhotoGenic Lounge is available for rental today. The Lounge is included as part of our Magical Celebration Package, but as an add-on for the Select and Special Celebration Package.

PhotoGenic Lounge … highly functional, yet simply beautiful.

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