5 Classic Romantic Movies To Inspire Your Photo Booth Theme This Valentine

By January 30, 2018Photo Booth

Are you planning an event for Valentine this year? 


We’ve got the best event idea for your Valentine – A Romantic Movie Themed Valentine. 


Just think about it for a second, you pick a classic romantic movie, get your guests to dress up as one of the characters in the movie, and get your green screen photo booth themed with the movie. 


It’s going to be so much fun. 


We’ve compiled 5 of the best romantic movies, so it’s easier for you to pick a movie

Classic Romantic Movies Photo Booth Theme

Titanic: I swear I still cry whenever I watch this movie. Titanic will forever be one of the most remembered romantic movies for generations to come. And imagine having your valentine event guests dress up like they are from the 1910’s. Or giving that ”fly” pose in front of the Titanic at the photo booth. 


Classic Romantic Movies Photo Booth Theme

The Notebook: One of my all-time favourite romantic movies. A classic story about a poor guy falling in love with a rich girl. Rich girl’s family didn’t approve the relationship and succeeded in breaking them up for a while. But love conquers all in the end. Your photo booth theme can be the house the boy built for the girl or the cover of the movie of both characters kissing. Watch, some of your guests will want to re-create that pose at the booth 😀


Classic Romantic Movies Photo Booth Theme

Gone With The Wind: This iconic movie (and book) will definitely give your guests that Valentine vibe. Remember that iconic photo of Scarlet looking up to Rhett? Now imagine that as the photo booth theme. Iconic. 


Classic Romantic Movies Photo Booth Theme

Ghost: A lot of Nollywood movies have tried to re-create the plot of this movie. Some did better, while others failed terribly. But the fact remains, everyone will love a Ghost-themed valentine photo booth. You can have pictures of Whoopi in the mix to make things more interesting. 


Classic Romantic Movies Photo Booth Theme

My Fair Lady: Initially, I wanted to add La La Land to this, but I think My Fair Lady is a bit more iconic. It’s a musical romantic movie, that tells a story of an arrogant man who tried to convert a poor girl into a proper lady. You know, we can design fun props with some iconic lines from this movie. 


So what do you think? 


Are there movies you think should be on this list? Or movies you want for your Valentine event?


Let us know. 


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