We love weddings for so many reasons. It’s a celebration of love, we get to eat good food for free (most times :D) and we get to go home with cool wedding favours.


Well, getting cool wedding favours really depends on how cool the couple is.


So, if you want to be the cool couple that gave out the coolest wedding favours to your guests (that will keep your wedding in their memory for a long long time), here are some ideas


Wedding Favours Selfie Sticks

Wedding Favours Selfie Sticks Credit: Helen Events Blog

Selfie Sticks: Asides from your guests taking photos from your wedding photobooth, they’d want to take selfies at your wedding. Sometimes, in groups. This wedding favour will come in handy there and even after your wedding.


Note Pads: I’m sure I’m not the only crazy person that looks forward to collecting notepads at events and even weddings. People just can’t get enough of notepads and they’d be grateful if you provided another one at your wedding


Personalized Water Bottles: We all need an extra one of these. So we can dump our old one 😀


Wedding favours - Picture tea coasters

Wedding favours picture tea coasters Credit: AliExpress


Picture Tea Coasters: Personalized tea coasters are cool. You could use your pictures on the coasters or generic Instagram pictures.


Flip Flops: Fluffy or just simple flip-flops will do. 

Picture Souvenirs: You’re all set when you have PhotoGenic at your wedding, to produce your wedding themed pictures.


Sweet Filled Mugs: Real treats for your guests, especially if they come to your wedding with their kids.


Jars of Jam or Honey: You can give your guests small bottles of honey or jam. They have long shelve life and are pretty useful in the kitchen. Your guests will thank you for it.


Wedding Favours - Wine Bottle Stoppers

Wine Bottle Stoppers Credit: BestProducts

Wine Bottle Stoppers: Have you ever had to open up a wine bottle and not finish the whole thing? And then you wished you had a proper wine bottle stopper? Well, I guess you see why this wedding favour is a great idea.



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