We all have a soft spot for this season even though it is not a public holiday, yet we still anticipate the day.

There is always one special person in our heart that comes to mind once we hear valentine’s day. You cannot but help to show some love and care with an extra touch or care.

Kisses, Red Roses, Perfumes, Chocolates and other Gifts have been recognized by couples as an exchange ritual on this day.

Whether the occasion is a celebration of love like an engagement party, wedding, or anniversary, or a fun-filled party like a birthday or graduation, we’re always snapping smooches in the booth.

To celebrate valentine’s day we’d share some of our favourite loved-up PhotoGenic moments. Enjoy lovers!

The #SomTo19 Wedding

Who’s more loved up than a newlywed couple? Congratulations once more, Somachi and Tobe – you may kiss the bride!

The “kissing” booth

The booth at Genesis Cinemas “cupid’s kisses” had lovers kissing themselves.

# “PDA” lovers

Classic romantic photo booth moment.

A glittery romance

Some old school love at the last Diwali Party in Lagos.

Cutting-hedge love

We’ve definitely got heart-eyes for these cuties.

Young at heart

Never too old for some lovey-dovey time.

Are you planning a Valentine Party or would like to have moment of love in the photo booth? Look no further, we got you covered.

Let’s get talking.

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