There is a favorite pick up line of many motivational speakers that encourages people to be themselves all the time, this kind of mentality is very commendable because it helps to aid personal developmental process and make the society better for everyone.

However, there are times when all a man want is just fun, this could come in crazy thoughts and wild wishes like been a Spiderman flying in the sky, taking breakfast in New York and having lunch in Japan,travel back in time or even into the future. This looks impossible except one possesses some metaphysical or magical power, what if there is a chance your wishes could be granted? What if you could still have that wedding in Paris without a visa? What if you can get all the experiences you have always wanted without breaking the bank?

What we are about to show you is just the answer to all this questions, did we just offer to make your wishes come true? Yes without exaggerating when we say that this product stands in a class of its own, no wonder people call it the “Rolls Royce of photo booth technology”.

Ain’t you excited already?

You could have that wedding in the moon, a plane or even Germany without visa. I know that sounds crazy but crazy is not impossible with the green screen technology.

Take your guests anywhere in the world with PhotoGenic GreenScreen!

Don’t let anyone tell you that your ideas are crazy and impossible, just tell us here

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