There’s a common phrase that goes “the more the merrier”

PhotoGenic PhotoBooth has found this phrase to be true in many ways. Part of what makes a photo booth experience memorable is how much FUN  guests have while taking memorable pictures, and the PhotoGenic team has discovered something interest – the more people in the picture the merrier it looks and more fun guest have!

Lagos events by PhotoGenic PhotoBooth 720

Let’s see, we count 9 beautiful people

At all our events, we encourage guests to bring a friend and a another friend for a PhotoGenic session. If you no friends around, heck!, grab a stranger. Our objective is to ensure all guests have the coolest, most memorable PhotoGenic experience.

So what makes this possible with PhotoGenic photo booths? It’s simple. It’s our “open-air” concept.

Other photo booths are enclosed and confined where less than 3 people can barely fit in one shot. PhotoGenic PhotoBooths do away with the box and let your guests be truly expressive while doing so with and in front of others (true Hollywood oh sorry Nollywood Style). What’s more, the “open-air” concept allows for greater flexibility in background personalization for clients who select our “Magical” package.

Lagos Nigeria events by PhotoGenic PhotoBooth 718

What?! This may be a record. 17 People. Wow!

Lagos events wedding by PhotoGenic PhotoBooth 717

Seyi Law knows how to rock PhotoGenic Style. The More, The Merrier

Having PhotoGenic PhotoBooth at a wedding reception or a special event always creates quite a phenomena. You will always find a long line of well dressed guests, smiling as they wait their turn, enjoying the antics of other guest taking their shots and thinking of what fun poses they will strike once their turn comes around. Our advice to them remains the same, “Grab a friend or grab a stranger and express yourself with PhotoGenic”

This has made the PhotoGenic photo booth a go-to centerpiece and accessory for many modern weddings in Lagos and in Nigeria.

Lagos events wedding by <img alt=

Even more fun and entertainment with our PhotoGenic Props

So are you planning an event? Have you been thinking of that one thing that’s gonna make your wedding stand out from the rest and keep your guest talking about the event? Then get PhotoGenic PhotoBooth, it will just Rock your Special Day!


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Lagos events by PhotoGenic PhotoBooth 721

The Kids at Zenith Bank Christmas Parade brought the house down




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