And PhotoGenic’s Photo Booth Top 20 are…

When you think about Photo booths, what comes to your mind?

A private entertainment and branding box providing a fun way for people to snap, engage with brands and share amazing pictures? You are right if that’s what comes to your mind.

Over the last few months we’ve been privileged to be part of some pretty amazing weddings and product activation campaigns, and took some mind blowing cool pictures. So we thought to share with you our top 20 “Coolest” PhotoGenic PhotoBooth experience so far. Enjoy and tell us what you think about each moment.

#20. Our first charity event of the year took us to Intercontinental Hotel, where we had beautiful women all around Lagos taking lovely pictures after their Makeover session, Seyi Law was there to keep everyone laughing and this beautiful photo was born

#19. One of our favorite Corporate Event with AAF and Nigerian Breweries. Talent, Diversity, and Art all in display at NAC 2013 Event. Sesu came 1st place winning N2 Million

#18. We call this Moment “The Fresh Prince Hulk”. Grange School were at their best for the Prom Nite at The Wheatbaker Hotel Ikoyi. The Kids were super fun

#17. Picture 17 is a fantastic piece, the smiles in this shots and the balloon backdrop background made this a special birthday celebration for us and for an amazing kid, JK, who just turned One.

#16. These beautiful and cool bridesmaids rocked it hard. Seems like their lips were made only to smile & PhotoGenic sure captured it all

#15. Love is Green by Etisalat was a special corporate event on Valentine’s Day. We branded Photos, Booths, and Backdrop. These Kids captivated us and many others in the mall with the high energy and fun Poses.

#14. Super super piece, every aspect of the four shots were fantastic, the kiss, the carrying of the bride, the swag, the dimple, the smile. Congrats to Lara & Wale

#13. PhotoGenic Photo Booth was stationed at Ikeja Mall and with City 105.1 we celebrated Nigeria’s 53rd Birthday. And we broke a record on that day. Seventeen! Yes, 17. Our Current Record for “Most Number of People in a photo booth shot”.

#12. This couple was nominated and awarded the Best PhotoGenic PhotoBooth couple of 2013. They were simply amazing and super classy

#11. And still one of Favorite 2014 couple. Sexy, Hot and in Love. Look at the Middle shot, Perfect!

#10. At number 10, a sweet piece from Dayo & Tola’s wedding, the girls were dazzling with a hint of naughty.

#9. At the Wed Expo 2014, the PhotoGenic Girls had a go alone and these picture was born. Love you Guys!

#8. The moment made our top 20 because the lil princess in the picture just didn’t get it:). In all four shots she was wondering what the adults were so thrilled about.

#7. Well what can you say about picture 7 if not LOVE! and PhotoGenic captured those Magic moments of Sola & Adura. Such a cute fun couple.

#6. Children’s Day 2014 was a blast, PhotoGenic took HP Nigeria by surprise and they loved it. Branded Photo, Backdrop and Photo Booth all came together beautiful to help enhance the HP Nigeria Brand

#5. At number five is a PhotoGenic moment at a Beauty Pageant in Benin City with a group of talented artists. You don’t know it yet, but this group is the next hot boy band in Nigeria… at least so they said:)

#4. Here is a picture that just makes us smile and am sure you’d also love the theatricality. Your guess is just as good as ours what caused the silly “weird” pose

#3. Hmmm! Cute friends playing Hitler and the princess, they had loads of fun and we all loved it, no wonder her picture won our special give away package with over 300 likes on facebook. Congratulations Chika!

#2. This picture which started with two people ended with six people in the last shot, adding credence to the fact that nothing beats PhotoGenic’s open-concept Photobooth. Plus Fatima is super HOT!

#1. And drum rolls….For the Love of Photo, Picture #1 is a fantastic blend of fun, smiles, use of props, swag & laughter that culminates in the birth of this beautiful Photo booth picture. See #1 coolest photo as our FaceBook Cover Photo !

Our top 20 were amazing fun for us and memorable moments for our clients and couples. We look forward to you stalking our site for the next blog.Until next time we are out!


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