PhotoGenic Photo booth recently launched a product for event planners that is guaranteed to improve customer/guests’ satisfaction at every event and lead to more sealed deals. It is the PhotoGenic Photobooth Mirror: a full-length mirror that also serves as a camera and communicates with you while dazzling your senses with engaging animated displays.

If you are planning an exhibition or expo, a fashion event or a conference, product activation or wedding, here are 7 reasons your event should feature the PhotoGenic Mirror:


1. Engages event attendees: Whether it’s a conference, a networking event, or an expo, guests can look forward to having a great time with the PhotoGenic Mirror and each other through a simple but fun game. The mirror has a screaming contest feature which utilizes the mirror’s interactive power to institute a battle of vocal cord strength between users who want to have one over each other so guests can have fun while networking and taking a group picture. Guests are likely to remember such a memorable event and book your services for their events in future.

Kuku Kanyisola, CNTV’s Presenter said this at an event which featured the Mirror ‘’ The fact that you can just stand in front of a Mirror, give your best pose, sign on the Mirror and get your photo in seconds is so wow. It’s different from what I’ve seen before. Just mind-blowing’’


2. Makes the event a memorable one: As an event planner, your first priority should always be creating a memorable event for your client and his guests. Beyond the fond memories it triggers each time your clients look at the pictures (increasing your chances of being hired again), guests will leave your event with a deep sense of satisfaction of a time well spent because the mirror experience is like no other; it’s simply unforgettable.


3. Provides picture souvenirs to event attendees: Guests can have their pictures taken with customized photo designs, draw neon signatures for images on it, get them printed on-site, and even share the pictures via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram increasing your brand visibility.

Magic Mirror


4. Increases brand engagement and visibility: If you are having a product launch, an exhibition or a corporate event, this is a must-have. There would be a surge in your brand’s visibility and engagement each time participants share the pictures taken at your event on social media. You can even start a conversation with participants on social media while the event is ongoing and get valuable feedback even after the event has ended. Another way to increase your brand visibility and engagement on social media is through the Hashtag Activation.


5. Provides great promotional materials: Whether they are formal shots or candid shots, the pictures can be used in future PR campaigns, media features, serve as a banner for your company’s website all at no extra cost to you because the pictures are yours! The pictures can also serve as great resource for use in print or online advertisements.


6. Easy to use: The Mirror has user-friendly interface, a touch-screen of engaging animated displays and voice guidance


7. Versatile: The PhotoGenic Mirror can be used by the young and old alike. Although the mirror is really easy to use, we are aware that sometimes older guests may need a little help so we’ll provide you with an on-site assistant to make the experience fun for mummies and daddies as well.


Investing in the PhotoGenic Photo booth Mirror to capture the true essence of your event, increase customer satisfaction and build your brand, is money well spent – it says to your clients: I am innovative and creative and I care about your happiness. To book PhotoGenic’s magic mirror today, please call 08060903561 or send an email to [email protected]


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