In a few weeks time it would be Easter and given the high economic tension that has been prevalent in the last couple of months, it’s definitely a great idea to throw a party for yourself and colleagues/employees to re-energize every one for the next quarter of the year. If you are not sure what kind of party will be appropriate for Easter and won’t offend religious sensibilities, why not throw a Karaoke party this year? They are super fun, easy to plan and even easier to execute. Let’s not forget that they are cheap because you can have them anywhere, even in your living room!!!

Here are the 5 must-haves for an awesome karaoke party:


Karaoke Party Playlist

1. A killer playlist and equipment.

This is a no-brainer ofcourse. To have a karaoke party that is true to its name, you will need a fantastic playlist on your iPad, a good stereo with aux input, a stereo cable that connects your iPad to a stereo, at least one microphone, and an amplifier. Don’t have these equipment? Simply book the PhotoGenic karaoke photo booth and get double the value for your money: amazing pictures taken by our PhotoGenic fairies while you enjoy your karaoke session with your friends.


2. Snacks and Drinks.

Nigerians don’t joke with their “item 7” oh. You shouldn’t either. Stock up your fridge with soft drinks and non alcoholic wine (It’s Easter, remember?) Also ensure you’ve snacks or home made food if you can. Your guests can help out in this regard by either bringing some snacks from home or helping you make the food hours before the party starts.


Karaoke Party Theme

3. A Mesmerizing Theme.

No one likes a drab party! Consider adding thematic elements to your karaoke night. Awesome lighting with the PhotoGenic Green Screen technology and props like wigs, hats, glasses and scarves will transform your living room to the perfect Karaoke haven. For more theme ideas and lighting options to make your karaoke night one to remember, click here


Karaoke souvenirs

4. Games, Prizes and Souvenirs.

Spice up your party by incorporating games and prizes into the night. Award a prize to the best performance of the night and best use of props. With the “Magical Package,” you can also give your guests PhotoGenic customized neon signed pictures as the perfect souvenir.


5. A Wow Factor.

Do you know what would be really spectacular and keep your guests saying “wow” all night? A magic mirror that also serves as a camera with animated displays, communicates with the user and has a fun game of vocal cord strength. The PhotoGenic Mirror is this “Wow” element.

For the best professional touch to your karaoke night, call 08060903561 or send an email to [email protected] and experience the PhotoGenic magic at a pocket-friendly price.


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