Highlight Of A Nigerian Wedding

By January 18, 2019 Photo Booth

Wedding is one of the highlights of everyone’s life but it doesn’t come without its twist and turns especially in this part of the world where the party is almost planned than the marriage itself.

Here are the major highlights of weddings;

Couple Entrance : This is one part of the wedding most Nigerian youths don’t take for granted. The couple practically spends quality time on rehearsing how they want to enter their wedding reception.


Kissing the bride: This is one aspect of the wedding couples can’t wait to experience because they get to have a legal and unquestionable permission to do what they would have done without permission behind closed doors while some couple who are deep in faith will get to experience it for the first time.


Food service: No matter how much you spend at a Nigerian wedding, your party will never make sense to those that were not properly served.
In response to this, couples now hire managers to oversee the service of food and make sure everyone leaves happy.


Photograph Session: In the wedding programme, couples practically list out the arrangement of how they want to take pictures with friends, families and colleagues after they are joined together.
This is done to maintain order and avoid family related conflicts.


Catching the bouquet: This is a session of the wedding where all the bride’s friend and eligible ladies gather behind the bride while she throws her bouquet backwards in their direction and there is a general belief that whoever catches the bouquet is next in line for marriage which is not alway true. Only God can help the guy dating such lady……lol


After Party: This is a special session of the wedding, bachelors and spinsters always anticipate because of the fun and magic moments at the party.
The kids and parents have gone home and all we have left are some young and eligible bachelors and spinsters who just want to catch fun.
It is an opportunity for some guys to link up and approach the ladies they want, its an opportunity to ask for a date and many more.


Photo Booth: This is usually at the reception and after party where friends and families take turns and groups to explore the fun, magic and engagement of the photo booth.
The photo booth comes with instant quality prints, live social media sharing, fun props, guest book photo album at the venue and guests can also send pictures to their emails.


These are the major highlights of a Nigerian wedding. Are you planning a wedding? Reach us here

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