Valentine is a season where lovers get to celebrate each other, reflect and define relationship goals with plans for the future.
Despite the abundance of romance laced with the season, some lovers don’t really know where to go and how to make the most of the season to grease their relationship.

Don’t worry, our PhotoGenic love doctors got you covered and will be taking you through the places you can exploit to get your magic moments in the season.

Cinema: It is almost impossible for any lady not to love any type of movie at all but the real question is what type of movies?.

Relational statistics has shown that ladies are more inclined to enjoy family or controversial movies but by the reason of the season, getting your partner to watch a movie that tells a love story of its own can be all you need to put her in the mood of the season while you pull the trigger – ask her out, propose to her or anything trigger means to you.

This is your best shot if you are trying to get a lady’s deep affection and you have not been getting it before. Imagine the quietness that comes from watching a love movie, the kind of attention she will pay, the dark and very cool air-conditioned environment, holding her hands while cautiously whispering words and remaining in that position for some few hours….OMG!
You can try out ozone, filmhouse, Imax, silverbird among many others.

Beach: With the freshness and exposure to natural hair, beach is a place you can explore when you already have deep affection with your partner because there are lots of distractions and it is almost impossible for him/ her to concentrate.
Bar beach, kuramo beach among many others will be fine.

Valentine Getaway: Apart from been pricy which makes it an option only if you have money to spend, it will work only when you have been intimate with your partner and you just want to try something different.
It works fine when you get other group of lovers to make a pair of 3-5 couples, where you just go somewhere like Dubai and catch all the fun together.
It comes with its twist and turns but definitely not beyond what can be handled provided the company of people on board are mutually acceptable to you and your partner.

Music concert: This depends on the kind of partner you have and will only work when both of you are intimate because there will surely be distractions and it won’t matter anymore.

These are the top place you can go to fully maximize the season.

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