With over 200 events completed in 2018, it was a serious challenge to sort out the best moments in 2018 but our team and panel of judges has been able to pick out some moments and we want to share with you.This moments will give you reasons you need a photobooth at your next event.

Best Carry Her Moment

We will talk about the test of strength later, PhotoGenic PhotoBooth is specially designed to allow the couple strike this kind of love pose. We have loads of weddings to select from but marcusmith_events gave us the best.

Phototainment wedding experience by PhotoGenic

Best Celebrity PhotoGenic Moment

Many celebrities have been fascinated about the PhotoGenic photobooth, this makes it very difficult to pick one but after much deliberation, the beautiful Mimi Onalaja stole the show @ Darling Nigeria which was managed by Mahogany international.

Best Group PhotoGenic Moment

Did i hear you say ‘three’s a crowd?”! Not with PhotoGenic PhotoBooth, the booth is designed to ensure people can have fun with the booth with specially selected props to match.

Best Kiss

This is definitely one of the highlights of a wedding, it is an opportunity for the couple to experience the first step to romance legally, the award goes to a wonderful couple from  twcevents

Best PhotoGenic Fairie

Our elegant and professional team of photographers are there to capture magical moments at the event from every corner. The best PhotoGenic fairie goes to @mirusevents

Best Branded Booth

Apart from the high engagement and massive increase in social media reach. PhotoGenic comes up with special branded designs for each event to aide the entire process and purpose of the brand activations.

This is the best branded booth for last year.

Most Amazing Photo Bombers

They were not expected to be part of a pose but somehow they made their way into the shot and came out a big deal in the photo from an event planned by benbozone_events

Best Kid Moment

The kids were not left out in the fun and magic of the PhotoGenic photobooth, from birthdays to weddings and kids fiesta and our best is coming from these kids at Zenith bank

Best Kids Costume

Kids are known to attach high value to what they wear because it gives them the confidence to parade themselves among their peers, this makes this category a worthy mention for the kids.

Best Goofy Pose

How can we ignore some personalities that are very good at clowning and slaying simultaneously at an event.

Best Pose

Some people just look like they own the booth because they are very photogenic and  know how to strike the pose that fits perfectly in the booth.

We call them the “booth personality of the year” and He is at one of the events of omega events.

Most Akward Pose

While some are made for the booth, there are some other people that can’t be helped with posing for the booth.

They sure deserve a mention at a party from coker creatives

Best Use of Prop

What is a photo booth without a prop? This is an area PhotoGenic photo booth addresses by picking the best props befitting for each events.

Event experience as shown that some people know how to play with the props that the rest.

Best PhotoGenic Prom

PhotoGenic PhotoBooth was engaged for various prom parties last year but only one can be the best.

Best Couple Moment

After been joined together as one, there are various kinds of magic and explosive experiences that follows at the event, from dancing together to singing for the bride, playing some love games. Our best couple moment goes to benbozone_events

Best Aunty & Uncle Moment

For parties like weddings and birthdays, the presence of relatives cannot be negotiated. PhotoGenic photobooth was engaged by various relatives at events.

Best Granny and Grandpa

The older the wine, the better the taste. Some old people just proved this saying to be true with the Photogenic PhotoBooth from a wedding at twcevents

Here are the various award categories for the events in 2018.

Is there any other category we should have covered? Let’s hear from you in the comment section.

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