Without exaggerations, red carpet has a way of bringing the love life into any party it is engaged. Event experiences has informed us about the struggles people go through when it comes to maximizing the red carpet experience to ace parties.

However, PhotoGenic red carpet experience is here to help any event live the hype.

Red Carpet Games: Wherever the red carpet is located, introduction of games at the red carpet will surely bring high fun and engagement to the party. Games like crossword puzzles, dart and the likes will be a good one to get the guest going.

Halo Booth: Ofcourse! Pictures will be taken on a red carpet but this time we are offering our PhotoGenic Halo booth which is a compact and exquisite exterior picture booth designed to suit in your business by leveraging the love of pictures and selfies.

The guest just approach the booth, type in their phone number or email, hit “Go” and Halo Booth does the rest.

Mirror Booth: This is suitable for night and indoor red carpet events, it is  an instant hit for celebrations like weddings and birthday parties. It adds this elegant, classy and magical feel to every event, and guests absolutely LOVE IT. The Magic Mirror photo booth is a full-length mirror, complete with on-screen animations and neon signature.

Host and Props: With a beautiful hostess and some carefully selected props and decorations to match, your guest are sure to enjoy every moment on the red carpet.

All these magic has been brought to events, we can also help you ace that event as soon as you inform us.


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