Photobooth by Photogenic celebrates 10k Followers On Instagram!

By September 25, 2018 Photo Booth

photogenic reached 10k followers on instagram


Photo booth by Photogenic is very excited and appreciative of your reception and how you have trusted us with your events over the years.

To celebrate our 10,000 followers, we’re counting down on our top 10 services while we reward you for reading through


  1. Green Screen: This is usually the choice of most organisation for product activation and experiential marketing. It’s a photo booth setup that allows their guests and customers to be completely immersed and overwhelmed in an experience and brand story.
  1. Magic Mirror: The Magic Mirror has been an instant hit for celebrations like weddings and birthday parties. It adds this elegant, classy and magical feel to every event, and guests absolutely LOVE IT. The Magic Mirror photo booth is a full-length mirror, complete with on-screen animations and neon signature. Check out the video below to see the Mirror in action at a Lagos wedding.
  1. BlackLight: This photo booth is for hardcore party lovers. Because it gives you that club feel. So events that want that club-theme opt for the black light photo booth. They also get fun props like neon glasses, glow sticks and much more.
  1. Wonder Booth: I like to call it the wonder booth, others call it the dance booth. I always say ” I wonder what dance move they’ll give us” whenever guests visit the dance booth. And it’s always hilarious and fun to watch guests dance in front of the wonder booth. Check out the video below to see for yourself.
  1. GIF-Video Booth: Capture your best moments with a GIF effect. The GIF-Video booth captures five seconds of fun and amazing moments, and shares to your email, or your social media handles. Replay your 5 seconds of awesomeness, over and over again, like your own greatest hits of memories.
  1. Karaoke: Want to take a picture while singing your heart out? That’s what the karaoke photo booth is for. It combines the fun of a karaoke with the experience of a photo booth, to give your guests a mind-blowing experience. This photo booth is popular at intimate parties and events.
  1. Check-In: Event check-ins are part of the overall experience of events. So, we decided to bring in an innovation that will enhance the check-in experience.
  1. Super Booth: For brands that really want to impress their guests and customers, the Super Booth is the way to go. Especially if you’re at an exhibition or trade show, and want to attract all the visitors to your booth.
  1. Social Booth: The social booth, as the name implies, is very social. It instantly shares your photo booth experience to social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. And guests can’t wait to show their friends online how much fun they’re having at your event, that’s why so many people love the social booth.
  1. Fairies: Why settle for plain photographers at your event, when you can have roaming fairies spreading and capturing magic? Our fairies are professional roaming photographers with a skill for capturing candid and magical moments at events.

So there you have it, ten fabulous reasons why 10,000 Nigerians are in love with our Instagram page.

Ok, now to the giveaway. we are going to render our photo booth service for free to random lucky winners;

All you have to do:

1.Follow @photogenic_photobooth and @photogenic_greenscreen

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3.Tag two friends in your comment…if they don’t have an upcoming event then all they have to do is follow both pages but the more friends the tag… might just be in line to win our amazing booth at your event.

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