PhotoGenic Is The Best Photo Booth Company In Nigeria: What Sets Us Apart

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The Best Photo Booth Company In Nigeria

A good photograph tells your personal story and preserves your precious moments in a way no other medium can so it is important that the right photography company covers your event.


PhotoGenic is a phototainment company that takes special care to harness high-end technology to give superb value to its clients at all times, making sure that your precious moments are distilled in amazing still images forever. Here are 10 reasons PhotoGenic should be your company of choice when looking for photography services for your event:



1.Excellent Customer Service:

When you book a PhotoGenic photo booth, you get a team of innovative, passionate and talented professionals who aspire to bring world-class entertainment and branding services at your beck and call.


According to our long list of clients, this is the very thing that sets us apart. The difference is always clear between work that is done by someone who loves what he does, and someone who works for his pay check.


You wouldn’t find a more passionate phototainment team anywhere in the world. And it shows in our service to you


PhotoGenic: The Best Photo Booth Company In Nigeria

2.Extra Value For Your Money Every Time:

When you choose PhotoGenic, you get special bonus offers. The “Select” Package, for instance, comes with 2 hours of unlimited prints, while the “Special” comes with 4.


If you pick one of these packages and want your guests to enjoy more hours of the PhotoGenic photo booth unique entertainment experience, you can get extra pre-paid hours.



3.Ultimate Personalization:

Whatever your event is, either is a corporate meeting, or your birthday or a karaoke party, you want the photo booth to reflect your style.

That’s why we have hired the best designers to design the best themes for you, just as you want.

That’s why we have the best selection of backdrops you can choose from.

That’s why you won’t find a more exhaustive list of fun props to choose from.


4.Incredible Online Hype and Promotion:

Wouldn’t you want the whole world to know what’s happening at your event?

With our social media integration and hashtag activation, you can get millions of impressions on social media for your event.


5.Market Niche:

We are simply the best in the industry. Our Photo Booths are the best in the market with premium studio quality lighting, unique props, and high-speed photo-finish printers. We deliver the latest in branding and entertainment service technologies and are the first every time to launch the latest phototainment technology in Nigeria.


6.Amazing Portfolio:

Ok, here is the part where we get to brag a bit. You would too if you had an impressive portfolio like ours.

We’ve worked with the biggest brands in Nigeria. Coca Cola, Pepsi, Union Bank, Canon, Bank of Industry, MTV, Google, and we are the official sponsors of My Big Nigerian Wedding.

I mean, if these brands trust us year after year, we must be doing something right, right?


7.Open Air Booth:

Some booths take forever to set up, and difficult to engage with or use.

Not ours!

PhotoGenic’s booths and products are flexible and easy to set up, easy to engage with, and fun to use. Even your grandma can operate our booths. That’s how easy and flexible they are.


8.Quality Service and Support For All Major Cities:

From Lagos to Benin, Abuja to Port Harcourt, Enugu to your city, we’re there.

What’s more? We’re there on time. And we’re there to provide the best service.

So you can have the best event ever, with the best photo booth experience, right in your very own city.


9.High-End Products:

Using high-speed photo finish printers and printing stations, PhotoGenic delivers the most unlimited prints per hour in the market. That means you can get as many pictures as you like for the same price.

PhotoGenic also offers special products like its Photo booth mirror which is a full-length mirror that also serves as a camera with engaging animated displays. I mean, you need to experience the magic of this Mirror to truly appreciate it.


Another highly desired PhotoGenic feature is the Photo GuestBook which marries the special moments captured with warm, kinds words from people who love you. It’s the perfect event memoralia.


You can also select from one of our irresistible textured backdrops or have our creative team design one specially for you. Either way, your event will stand out from the rest.



10. Best Price Guaranteed:

Finally, we have to say this. Quality doesn’t necessarily have to mean expensive.


Because we provide the best quality at the very best price. Always.

Impressive right? To also enjoy the PhotoGenic magic, call 08060903561 or send an email to [email protected] to book one of our spectacular personalized services at a pocket-friendly price today.


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